Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Squaw Tit to Table Mtn

Jacumba has an interesting geological history (which I know very little of) which includes lots of volcanic activity some 18 million years ago. I hiked out to Table Mtn which has some history with the Kumeyaay Indians who called it the "island in the sky". They considered the mountain sacred. I also made sure to scramble up Squaw Tit, a small volcanic outburst at the top of Table mountain that looks like..well, like a tit.

Table Mtn straight ahead

Me and 'Bones hiking towards Squaw Tit and Table Mtn in the far background

Up on top of Squaw Tit looking towards the 8 freeway

Table Mtn is a volcano and these markers surround the area

The extreme red rock everywhere is part of the quarry area found on the east side

The old Mica gem site is near the road to the east of the mtn area