Saturday, December 27, 2014

5 Day Backpack Canebrake/Potrero/Inner Pasture

5 Days of backpacking with Craig was a blast, we did a big loop from Indian Valley, thru Canebrake, over to Potrero then straight over to Agua Caliente and finished up going thru Inner Pasture back to Indian Valley. We spent a full day exploring the upper reaches of Potrero Canyon and found some good running water. Beautiful weather and clear starry nights and some wildlife...a perfect trip!

My new Sil Nylon tarp up on Egg Mtn for the looming rain the first night but never got any. We met up and spent the first night (of 6 total) car camping on Egg Mtn
My new Sil Nylon tarp Tent setup for the rain that was looming

Anybody see these new wind turbines in Mexico? I just noticed them this trip driving thru Jacumba, Looks like the Sunrise Power Link is right there with them
Wind Turbines in Mexico seen from Jacumba

Another beautiful sunset over Sombrero Peak, hard to get tired of these
Sunset on Sombrero Peak

Kicking it with some beers at night we had a small kit fox poking around our camp, we threw him a couple pieces of fresh bread and he seemed no stranger to getting handouts

Also hard to get tired of beautiful sunrises, here the moon is joining the sunrise near Carrizo Mtn
Sunrise with the moon over Carrizo Mountain

And turning around you get Sombrero Peak again
Sombrero Peak at sunrise

Out in Canebrake

Saw several tarantulas this trip, does anyone know how to tell male/female?
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Even had a baby crawl up under my sleeping bag for the night
Baby tarantula slept under my sleeping bag

Some nice flora
Fishhook Cactus


Some nice green Ocotillo with blooms - in December??

A cool micro inch worm
Inch worm

I thought this was cute, a Mama and a baby wind blown brush team
Mama and baby wind blown brush

Never know what you will find out in the desert
Taking a bath out in the desert!

A couple nice projectiles
Cottonwood Projectile

Desert Side notched Projectile Point

Here is Craig heading up the saddle from Canebrake to Potrero
Craig heading up the saddle towards Potrero

Up at the top you can look north and see Toro Peak way off in the distance, a pretty cool view!
Looking down into Potrero. Toro Peak is way off in the distance

Found another old ranchers/cowboy camp. This one had a shower, tub and a makeshift kinda kitchen with faucet
Old ranching camp debris, looked like a water station

Hey, what can I say...? You notice my new Dirty Girl Gaitors? They are awesome!!
Hey...why not..?? You notice my new Dirty Girl Gaitors??

Some gorgeous starry nights
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And even a shooting star
Shooting Star

Milky Way
Milky Way

An interesting combo of scat on the trail
Nice combo of scat

Found an ejection seat from a military plane. I have heard rumors of a plane wreckage in the area, that may be another trip to find the rest of it
Old pilot ejection seat

The last day sunrise on Redtop before we head back into Indian Valley where my truck was parked
Looking towards Redtop at sunrise

Total Mylar Ballons this trip - 12 (1 not pictured)
11 Mylar Balloons, 12 total for the trip

More photos on my gallery here, way too many to show on this post...hope you enjoy!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Borrego Palm Canyon Backpack - ABDSP

Took a quick overnight backpack trip with Craig up Borrego Palm Canyon. Lots of day hikers to the first grove but we did not see anybody the whole trip after that. We tried to hike up the north fork but it was too choked with brush so we retreated back to the 4th grove and camped out for the night. We did see some type of hawk and misc birds but that was about it for wildlife, no bighorn. The first grove did not have any water but there was plenty from the 2'nd grove and up. Craig brought his filter and it was a nice change to only carry a couple liters of water and just pump some more when we needed it.

Looking east down at the 1'st grove and Craig
Looking east at the 1'st grove and Craig

The north fork is pretty choked with vegetation
Borrego Palm Canyon North Fork is choked with brush

The canyon is pretty big, here is Craig near some of the many palms in the canyon

Looking down at the 4th grove, this is where we camped and I can't think of too many places in the desert where I have camped where I got to sleep to the sound of palm tree fronds blowing in the wind and running water, it was very nice.
4th Grove

There was quite a bit of running water all the way up the canyon
Borrego Palm Canyon

Borrego Palm Canyon

Borrego Palm Canyon

Plenty of these guys came out at night...right where I was sleeping...(UPDATE: Wolf Spider)
Sand Spiders at night

Some nice green reeds....not sure what the official name is...(UPDATE: Horsetail Reeds)
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Total Mylar Balloons this trip - 1 (rescued form the water)

Mylar Balloon pulled from the water

Monday, December 1, 2014

Piedras Grandes / Indian Hill - ABDSP

A Quick overnight trip and day hike in the Piedras Grandes Area. Apparently 5 million other people like that area also over the Thanksgiving break based on the 10 million footprints I saw everywhere and all the car campers. Anyway, great area and lots of cool boulders to explore. The Ocotillo Wind Farm is just awful during the day and a total nightmare by night, I feel real bad for the residents there.

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Love my new Fuji XE-1 and the Velvia Film Mode, makes a great Sunrise and requires no PP. Most of these were all shot with the Rokinon 12mm F2.0 NCS CS Ultra Wide Angle Lens
Sunrise at Dos Cabezas in Anza Borrego Desert State Park

Some misc rock art in the area, probably has already been posted a million times by others

Total Mylar Balloons this trip - 1

Here is a sunrise photo with the built in Panorama mode of the Fuji XE-1

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