Saturday, February 11, 2017

Kofa Wildlife Refuge / Castle Dome Arizona

A trip out to the Kofa Wildlife Refuge area and Castle Dome

Big Eye Mine
Big Eye Mine Cabin

Daren and his Wisner 5x7 Film Camera
Daren and his Wisner 5x7 Film Camera

Thumb Butte or Peak, I can't remember

Sunset on McPherson Pass

When there's a fork in the road....take it.....

Tom walking on a cliff way over there

Figueroa Tank

Looking out across King Valley


Petroglyph on a broken rock piece

Tom finds a Rock Circle
Tom finds several rock alignments on this trip

I found a Rock Square
Castle Dome

Tom walking down a cliff looking out across King Valley
Tom walking on a steep hill

Deep Morteros
Deep morteros in a rock shelter

More Petroglyphs

Big Eye Mine

Castle Dome

Some Pictographs