Thursday, February 18, 2010

Eagle Peak Hike

Greg, Scott and I hiked to Eagle Peak near the San Diego River. Jerry Schad's book Afoot & Afield San Diego Hiking Guide describes an out and back trip that is about 4 miles total and starts at the east side of the peak. We being the adventurous type decided to let Google Earth create a trail for us to follow. Our trip was close to 10 miles and did a full loop around and down the mountain starting from the Ramona Estates trail head.

The trail we hiked in Google Earth

Eagle Peak straight ahead, the highest peak you can see, trail ends at the base


Looking down towards the creek that ends up at the top of Cedar Creek Falls

The Register
Major poison oak on my legs, I wore shorts and 2 weeks after the hike I am scratching my legs so bad until they hurts so good..argh...


  1. That's awesome. I would love to try this rather than the easy approach from the top...

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