Monday, May 3, 2010

Lake Cuyamaca Report

East Lake
Went up to Lake Cuyamaca Sunday to pick up my son's cell phone we lost almost 2 years ago up there in the snow.

2 years prior when we were having snow ball fights
I guess ranger Becky has been holding on to it for us for some time now. I was really surprised to see how much water there was in the lake. Both sides of the dike were full. Ranger Becky said it was almost all the way up to the highway on the east lake side but they started pumping it over to the west side.

We explored a bit while we were there and found a deer skeleton (parts of it)

Deer Skeleton we found
We gave the skeleton to ranger Becky
We also saw a small grey snake, a small grey frog and a cat carcass. Always a good time at the lake. I f you have never been to Lake Cuyamaca you should go take the family and spend the day, it is a nice place to go.

Small grey frog
Cool looking flower grass thingy

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