Saturday, June 12, 2010

This Week in Chollas Creek

This week in Chollas Creek brought the clearest example of what coyotes are doing in our own backyards. I live in a very populated urban area with some small canyons here and there. One of them is Chollas Creek Canyon. I have been walking my dogs here for more than 14 years and have always seen coyotes, rabbits, squirrels, hawks and other wildlife here.

There is also some great examples of typical plants you will find in San Diego. Laural Sumac, Squaw Bush, California Sage, White Sage,  Lemonade Berry, Thistle, Daisy, Sweet Fennel and more.

These are the pretty finds in the canyon. Other mornings bring signs of what the wildlife have been doing at night and early morning hours. I have seen the coyotes in my backyard several times and on the street in early morning hours. I have also had them follow me in the canyon with my dog. Needless to say they are wild and kill to survive. The big attraction for them to stay near Chollas Creek I believe is because it does provide water from the main creek and the abundance of shelter in the hills. There are also plenty of opportunities to hunt domestic animals in near by backyards. Some include chickens,cats and sometimes even dogs. These pictures show what I found this morning in the canyon, these are not the first and I will probably continue to document what I find as it may bring more awareness to communities that don't fully understand the wildlife that lives right in their own backyards.

Small dog carcass found this morning in the canyon
Close up of the dog, there were other body parts near by. The next morning all traces were gone, typical of the coyotes.

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