Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Bighorn Canyon / Nolina Wash ABDSP

Did a backpack trip out to Bighorn Canyon and Nolina Wash in Anza Borrego Desert a couple of weeks before Christmas with a couple of members from the Anza website. It was not a long trip, about 4 miles each day. We were able to check out the big water tanks built as guzzlers for the wildlife. One of the members was a photographer and he took some amazing night sky photographs which can be seen on the The Anza Borrego Desert at Night website.

Starting up Bighorn Canyon

Interesting rock formations in the canyon

The drinking trough from the water guzzlers

Water tanks from the guzzler. These tanks collect water from Blue Spring, a natural spring in the nearby canyon

Looking down into the canyon

Granite Mtn in the distance

Granite Mtn with a cactus

Nearby Kumeyaay Village

Kumeyaay Village has numerous morteros, it was a large village at one time
GPS route of our hike (click image to enlarge)



  1. Daren,

    Because of your great post on Bighorn Canyon, my wife and I hiked up to the tanks on March 23rd.

    We started off in the Kumeyaay village site, following the ridge around then carefully picked our way through the ocotillo and cholla minefield to Bighorn Canyon. The wild flowers were incredible. Once inside the main wash it was smooth sailing until the last 1/4 mile or so. There is a slight split in the stream, we headed east for some boulder-hoping fun. About an 1/8th mile in, I realized the error. Once I looked at the topo map, it was no problem finding the tanks. From your description of the hike, it looks like you did the same thing.

    We started around noon and were back at the car just before six. With several hours of exploring enroute.


    --- J

  2. Wow..! Thats cool ---J, I am glad you were able to enjoy Bighorn Canyon as we did. Yes...we made the same mistake and had to track back west to find the tanks.

    Thanks for the comment!!