Thursday, December 15, 2011

Ghost Mountain Thanksgiving

My son and I spent the Thanksgiving day exploring Little Blair valley and Ghost Mountain. We revisited the jet airplane wreckage and some Native American features he had not seen before. We also took a trip up to the Marshal South home site and hiked over to the top of Ghost Mountain. I was surprised how few people were camping in Little Blair for the holidays.

The Marshal South home site. The old cement pond and what is left of the house.
Marshal South Homesite Cement Pond with cisterns home ruins in the background
Marshal South Homesite ruins
Marshal South Homesite ruins with cistern on the left side

This is the "dump". I found many of the large mouth glass jars common to that era here and also many of the same down in Carrizo at the railroad camps.
Marshal South Dump Site

This is the kiln the South's used to make their pottery. It looks much smaller than the drawings Marshall South submitted to the Desert Magazine articles.
Marshal South Kiln

My son reading the Ghost Mountain register. I had come up here back in June and the next register entry we saw was from November, no visitors for 4 months. You can see Granite mountain in the far off distance. It was a gorgeous day.
My son reading the Ghost Mtn Register log. You can see Granite Mtn in the distance

I saw this nice "Y" shaped cactus at the base of the mountain
Y Cactus in Little Blair Valley

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  1. Looks like a nice day. I don't remember if I found and signed the register, since I was carrying my daughter on my back...