Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Carrizo Gorge hike to Egg Mtn - ABDSP

Scotty "C" and I headed out to hike down the length of Carrizo Gorge from the DeAnza Springs Resort to Egg mountain. We have been down in the Gorge several times before and knew what to expect, catclaw, reeds, water and plenty of solitude. We hiked about 2 miles on the tracks from DeAnza and then dived down into the thick of the catclaw where there were old remains of railway cars. There were about 4 sets of wheels and axles, a small car chassis and other debris. Along the way we also found two encampments with more debris. It was about 12 miles thru the Gorge to get to the end of the jeep road and then about another 7 miles on sandy jeep road to egg mountain. We got to the jeep road just before dusk and hiked the remaining 7 miles to the truck in the dark under an almost full moon. It was a perfect night for hiking without lights and we managed to pull this trip off in 12 hours.

Photos from the trip can be seen here

Scott knows there is catclaw down in the Gorge so he prepared his pack with anti catclaw plastic wrap
Scotty C and his Catclaw proof pack

This is where we decided to drop down into the Gorge, about 2 miles from DeAnza
This is where we decided to try and go down into the gorge, about 2 miles away from DeAnza

Some old railway debris on the side of the Gorge
This looked a small ore cart or something, it was halfway down the hill. The wheels are dated 1909
This looked a small ore cart or something, it was halfway down the hill. The wheels are dated 1909
More train wheels

Down in the Gorge Scotty "C" straps on the catclaw armor
Scotty C gets his Catclaw armor on


Nice water pond area
Panorama of the small pond area in Carizzo Gorge

Busting thru some carrizo
Scot wacking some carrizo down

Old mining debris
An old gear up on the cement foundations

Cholla and cactus forest
Cholla and Cactus field, looking south

Down in the Gorge near Goat Canyon, two years ago this was flowing with water
This is about 1 mile south of Goat Canyon. 2 years ago we were here and it was a flowing river with water pools

Looking up at the train trestles and the two old railway cars that have fallen over the side. You can't actually see the big famous trestle from down in the Gorge, you need to climb up to see it.
Nice curves on the trestles. You can see the train cars on the side of the hill

A 98 second exposure of the jeep road as we hiked out at night under an almost full moon
A 98 second exposure of Carrizo Gorge road with a 3/4 full moon. We traveled the road at night

Some pictographs I have not seen before
The Lizard Pictograph
Pictographs in remarkably good condition
Some pictographs I had not seen before

Mandatory scat photo
Not sure who these crosses are for, maybe migrants??

GPS Track Log from Google Earth
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Total mylar balloons for this trip - 1

This was a great trip and a tough 19 miles in about 12 hours, more photos from the trip can be seen here


  1. Would like to do this hike some time with you.


  2. Killer hike (as Daren's hikes always are!) fun stuff to see and a feeling of doing something big! Don't bother with "hedge trimmers" all you need is a pull saw when the going gets tough. I've got a couple sheets of red plastic left if anyone needs some! ;-)

  3. Awesome pictures and great place to explore. I love getting out into Carrizo Gorge. I haven't been there in ages but this makes me want to change that.

    By the way, where did you guys get that red plastic (armor) for your packs?

  4. @Borrego Wrangler
    Thanks! I believe my friend got the plastic at Ridout Plastics in Kearney Mesa, it was pretty cheap and worked perfect!