Saturday, October 26, 2013

Kern Plateau 5 Day Backpacking Trip

Did a nice 5 day backpack trip in the Golden Trout Wilderness area on the Kern Plateau. We did a lollipop loop starting at Blackrock, went up through Templeton Meadows, up and over Kern Peak, down into Redrock Meadow and back through Casa Vieja Meadow to Blackrock. Had 3 days of drizzle and light rain and lots of lightning and thunder. Didn't take a digital camera this trip, instead I took an old Olympus OM-2S film camera, it was fun.

Blackrock Trailhead

Casa Vieja Meadows Cabin
Old cabin in Casa Vieja Meadow

Gary and Lucas on the trail
Gary and Lucas on the trail

Ranchers herding up the catle before the snow moves in for the winter
Cowboys out rounding up cattle for the winter before the snow moves in

Templeton Meadows
Templeton Meadow
Templeton Meadow trail sign

Gary hanging our food up for the night
Gary hanging the food from the bears using the counter balance method

Found this wild boar heading up Kern Peak
A Boar keeping watch on the Kern Peak Trail

Panorama looking north towards Whitney from Kern Peak
Panorama looking north from Kern Peak

Near Kern Peak
Desolate looking area near Kern Peak

My GoLite Poncho kept me dry during the day and at night
GoLite Poncho tarp kept me dry during the day and night

Redrock Meadow and Indian Head
Indian Head from Red Rock Meadow

Early Morning in Casa Vieja Meadows
Casa Vieja Meadow
Sunrise at Casa Vieja Meadow


  1. You're really getting into this film thing, are you? Nice photos. I like the character and look of film... (but don't really see myself using a film camera, ever;-)

    1. Thanks...yeah, it has been fun...I miss dynamic ISO but don't miss hours of RAW touch up.

  2. Film or digital, your photos are really good. I recently gave away my last film camera. It was pretty good in it's day, but I knew someone who would use it.