Saturday, October 25, 2014

Driving The Mojave Road

Took a drive out to the Mojave Road with Tom and his friends, we started at the Colorado River and made it to Kelbaker road where we ran out of time and everyone decided to head home since it was Sunday. I took along my big Pentax 6x7 120 format film camera and my Nexus 7 tablet. The Pentax takes great photos and the Nexus makes a great navigation device, I had downloaded all of the maps onto the device before leaving and used Backcountry Navigator Pro for the navigation app. It all really works great, don't think I'll be going back to my small screen Delorme anymore.

You can find all the info you want to know about the Mojave Road on this website

B/W photos taken with the Pentax 6x7 with Ilford SFX 200 film, Red 25A filter and developed with Ilford DD-X

Driving the road thru the joshua tree forest
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Somewhere in Lanfair Valley, next to the bus I think

This is on the Fort Piute Trail
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This is the Fort Piute Valley / Canyon, you can see the remains of the fort in the lower left. The was running water in the stream.
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Camped at Fort Piute
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Cool old corral
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Old Corral

Lots of petroglyphs along the way
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Joshua Tree forest
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Old cabin along the way

The Lava Beds near the Lava Tubes, this stuff is really hard to walk on!
Lava Flow Road

Parked somewhere, can't remember but apparently I went for a walk...
Parked at the Lava Tubes

Enough black & white, here is some color stuff from the Nexus 7

Sunrise at Fort Piute
Sunrise at Piute Fort

Sunset at the Lava Beds
Sunset on the Cinders. Notice the notch on the right side of the cinder, that was from old mining days of testing the dirt

My truck after Tom's friends got hold of it at night
Thanks Tom...

Nice old Native American trail
Nice Native American Trail

I stayed an extra night so this was my last night's setup before going home
Last night of the trip staying solo, everyone else has gone home

Trying to catch the sunset reflection of Baker in my rear view window
Trying to align the night sky of Baker with my truck window

Red Spotted Toad
Red Spotted Toad

More 'glyphs
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Tom at the old cabin

Our caravan of vehicles

The frog shrine

Lots more photos of the trip are here on my gallery

Total Mylar Balloons this trip - 1 (not photographed)


  1. Great pics. I've been wanting to drive this road for years. I even bought the manual. Didn't realize there were so many petroglyphs. That's a nice bonus. I love Ilford, but have never used it with a filter. Nice job on those.

    1. Hey Derek, you should do it, just take a weekend and go as fas as you can, it was fun. My friend also had the book, he had one of the very early versions that is quite different I guess then the newer ones. Lots of things to see along the way so be sure to stop and look around, you can always go back and finish the road another trip, that is what we will have to do.