Monday, November 17, 2014

Carrizo Gorge Backpack - ABDSP

Headed out for an overnight backpack trip with Tom in Carrizo Gorge. We parked at the end of the 4WD drive road and started out late in the day with about 30 minutes of daylight left. We managed to get to Goat Canyon in the dark where we setup camp. We poked around the next day for about 6 miles total into the gorge before we turned around and headed back.

Driving into Carrizo Gorge


Looking south thru the gorge, Goat Canyon is just ahead and to the left
Carrizo Gorge, Goat Canyon is ahead on the left

I call this the Mighty Groan but I think the actual BM is above this point a bit.
The Mighty Groan (sorta)

Breaking camp

I hardly recognized the Gorge this trip, the Tamarisk removal efforts have removed much of the thick brush.
Tamarisk cleared out of the Gorge

We found some wildlife...wasn't too wild at the time though...
Bighorn Sheep Ram

Here is the lower jaw bone
Bighorn Sheep lower jaw bone

Figured I would try the Macro mode on my new Fuji XE-1 so here is a close up of the jaw bone
Bighorn Sheep lower jaw bone

Upper jaw and macro shot
Bighorn Sheep upper jaw

Bighorn Sheep upper jaw

This next photo is what i think is the intestine/colon of the ram, you can see pellets inside. From what I understand, sheep, goats and such are very efficient in using every last drop of moisture in their bodies and they literally squeeze the moisture out of their feces so the pellets form inside the colon.
Bighorn Sheep intestine with feces inside

Bighorn Sheep intestine with feces inside

Tom with the Seven Sisters above
Tom and The Seven Sisters above

There are several rail cars over the side here, one is rusted just enough that it blends in with the natural desert terrain

Here are a couple close ups of the different rail cars

Rail cars

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Total Mylar Balloons this trip - 1 (Tom snagged it)