Sunday, December 7, 2014

Borrego Palm Canyon Backpack - ABDSP

Took a quick overnight backpack trip with Craig up Borrego Palm Canyon. Lots of day hikers to the first grove but we did not see anybody the whole trip after that. We tried to hike up the north fork but it was too choked with brush so we retreated back to the 4th grove and camped out for the night. We did see some type of hawk and misc birds but that was about it for wildlife, no bighorn. The first grove did not have any water but there was plenty from the 2'nd grove and up. Craig brought his filter and it was a nice change to only carry a couple liters of water and just pump some more when we needed it.

Looking east down at the 1'st grove and Craig
Looking east at the 1'st grove and Craig

The north fork is pretty choked with vegetation
Borrego Palm Canyon North Fork is choked with brush

The canyon is pretty big, here is Craig near some of the many palms in the canyon

Looking down at the 4th grove, this is where we camped and I can't think of too many places in the desert where I have camped where I got to sleep to the sound of palm tree fronds blowing in the wind and running water, it was very nice.
4th Grove

There was quite a bit of running water all the way up the canyon
Borrego Palm Canyon

Borrego Palm Canyon

Borrego Palm Canyon

Plenty of these guys came out at night...right where I was sleeping...(UPDATE: Wolf Spider)
Sand Spiders at night

Some nice green reeds....not sure what the official name is...(UPDATE: Horsetail Reeds)
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Total Mylar Balloons this trip - 1 (rescued form the water)

Mylar Balloon pulled from the water


  1. Very nice photos Daren!
    This was one of the first hikes I did as a kid. Even when there are quite a few people on the trail, you can always count on losing most, if not all of them at the first grove.

  2. Thanks Pat, it is a great hike year round and has water...just need to get past the first grove.

  3. Have not done the BPC to Sheep Cyn route although I have been to both places and up into Indian Cyn. I believe Schad describes the route and a dry fall in one of his books. I would like to try and do the one way hike from Sheep down into BPC someday, it is on my list.