Monday, January 12, 2015

Fish Creek Mountains Backpack Trip - BLM

Tom and I did a quick single overnight backpack up into the Fish Creek Mtns. According to the ABDSP visitor map there are a lot of areas you can explore in the Fish Creek Mtns that won't take you into the Carrizo Impact Area which is closed to public access. We hiked around the Fish and Eagle peaks area which is BLM territory. Pretty interesting area, you can find old mining sites and some old artillery shrapnel buried into the hillsides.

Sunset near the railroad tracks

Checking my maps while I was waiting for Tom to show up

Fish Peak in the distance and my '81 Toyota 4WD Pickup
My truck at the Fishcreek Mountains

Spotted some balloons way off in the distance, as I hiked over to get them they blew away off into the opposite direction
Balloons off in the distance, they flew away and I had to scale tall mountains to get them

But ultimately I got the expense of Tom taking a break and waiting for me to go scale another ridge to get them

Lots of remains of the mining efforts in those hills are still there

Looking down into the mine

Old mine

Thanks to Tom for this next shot, I gave it no thought but I guess all he saw was my life insurance policy double..hahaha...
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You can find left over artillery and shrapnel in the hills
Big Ammo

There are several pieces of shrapnel in this photo, can you find them? The rusted color of the steel blends right in with the natural desert patina of the boulders
Shrapnel everywhere, can you spot it?

Sunrise before we head to go back to the trucks

Total Mylar Balloons this trip - 13
Total Mylar Balloons 13



  1. Did you try the sardines after making the photo? :)

    1. Ha..! that was the bottom of the can, I think the sardines were long gone...!!