Sunday, March 1, 2015

Tintype Photography - A second try

Here are a few more shots with my tintype kit. I think the emulsion is too thick, I was able to put a more consistent and thinner coating on this batch of plates and it looks like they exposed better but something is still not right and the bubbles were a surprise as I was very careful to clean the plates with rubbing alcohol and did not touch either the plates or emulsion so not sure with that either. I am gonna try and pour some more plates this week, maybe the 3rd try will be the charm.

Rocky Bones my dog makes a great model
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Except when he moves during a 3 second exposure

This one was underexposed for Rocky but the background seemed decent...

I have a lot of respect for old time photographers and their perseverance to keep trying new methods to get better results. If you have any experience with tintypes and the Rockland specific emulsions I would love to hear from you!


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