Thursday, September 29, 2016

Mt Langley / Miter Basin / Cottonwood Lakes 4 Day Backpack Trip

4 Day Backpack Trip with Tom, about 34 miles total. We started in Horseshoe Meadows, spent the 1'st night at Cottonwood Lakes 4/5. Next day headed up Old Army Pass to summit Mt Langley and then down to Upper Soldier Lake for night 2. On the 3rd day we explored Miter Basin, Sky Blue Lake and then headed down Rock Creek to spend night 3 at Lower Soldier Lake. Day 4 we hiked out via the PCT and Chicken Spring Lake.

All photos were taken with my old Canon S95 point'n shoot camera in jpg format. Panorama's created with Autopano Giga software.

GPS Track Log

Cottonwood Lakes area

Cottonwood Lake #3

Cottonwood Lakes 4 & 5. This is looking down from Old Army Pass

Saw quite a few Bighorn Sheep around the 12,000' range as we summited Mt Langley

Bighorn Sheep heading down towards Upper Soldier Lake

One of the new large cairn's built to summit Mt Langley

Looking straight down from the top of Mt Langley, what is that, about 1,000' straight down? Not for those afraid of heights!

Looking at Mt Whitney from the top of Mt Langley

Tom coming down the ravine to Upper Soldier Lake

Upper Soldier Lake

Is this a baby marmot?? Totally wrong time of year if so, maybe one of you reading this knows? Please let me know if you can identify this little baby creature

Lodgepole Chipmunk

The Mighty Miter Basin area

Looking down at Lower Soldier Lake

Very pretty unnamed lake in Miter Basin

Tom in Miter Basin (The Miter in the left background)

Sky Blue Lake

Sky Blue Lake panorama

Miter Basin

Marmot Scat

Still some pretty flowers in Miter Basin

This is heading down Rock Creek

Beautiful Rock Creek

Sierra Tree Frog

Rock Creek area looking back at the Miter Basin area

Looking out over Big Whitney Meadow and Kern Peak in the far distance


  1. You had some pretty good wildlife sightings on the trip. Maybe some of those bighorn sheep need to be relocated to ABDSP!

    1. We saw some good size deer also, just too far away for my little camera to photograph. Those Sierra BHS may not survive without big lakes all around and cool temps..!