Sunday, August 6, 2017

The Island

When you drive the 8 highway between Ocotillo and Jacumba you can see "The Island" between the East & West bound lanes of the highway. There is one exit on the The Island named Mountain Springs. There is a lot of rugged terrain to explore from that exit, Devils Canyon, In-Ko-Pah Gorge, Myer Creek to name just a few places. This trip I decided to go try and find the Devil benchmark located on a peak just east of the Devils Canyon #2 bridge. It was a pretty warm day, maybe 100 degrees or so, not too bad. This is a relatively easy BM to get to, my total mileage hiking was about 2.5 miles and elevation gain/loss was about 800'. Most maps will not have this named as Devil BM but it is marked as peak 2532. There are several other BM's in the area to find as well.

There are some great views from the peak, or at least there all you see are wind turbines

The migrants coming from Mexico have used this peak as route north as evidenced by the abandoned backpacks and water bottles everywhere. I am still amazed at some of the remote and rugged areas of the desert I find their discards, they are some tough and determined folks.

Looks like the BM register was established in 1998

Last entry was 2010 so I guess not a very popular destination.
BTW, is there ANYWHERE the Monday Maniacs don't go???

Looking off towards the west you can see the Mountain Springs area, lots of SDG&E power line towers and the infamous Desert View Tower

All of the usual desert suspects were around
Mortars, slicks, pottery and such

Kit Kat Scat

Highway vehicle debris

And of course our BFF of the desert, mylar balloons

Total Mylar Balloons this trip: 2 (1 per mile)



  1. Hi Daren! Mice to see you out there. I assume your back is feeling better.
    I've driving by that exit many times, as of yet, I've never taken it.
    Great post!

    1. Hey Pat, thanks for reading...! I am trying to get when I can, hope you are still out exploring.

  2. I love kit kat scat! Nice pot drop too. :-)

  3. Seeing the backpack and empty water bottle, kind of makes me want to go out there and hide water for whomever may need it. Hope you're enjoying your adventure this week.

    1. Several groups do go out and stash water, is one group who fills up all of the blue barrels you see out there.