Sunday, October 20, 2019

Earthquake & Mason Valley Days

Took a few days off from work and did some day hiking with Gary. We hit up Pinyon Mtn and Grapevine Mtn VABM's. We also spent a day hiking around Cottonwood Canyon.

B/W photos are from an Olympus OM-4 with Rollie Retros 80s film developed in Rodinal.

View of Granite Mountain from Pinyon Mountain

Gary reading the Pinyon Mountain register

Looking towards Borrego Springs

Sunset at our campsite off Pinyon Mtn Road

Here is the GPS track for the hike

Grapevine Mtn VABM

GPS track for the Grapevine hike

Found this rattlesnake dead, only signs of trauma was a smashed head...recent. I would half speculate someone or something smashed his head and left him for dead....sad.

There are several dry falls going up the drainage we took, all passible with a little effort. Here is Gary on the last one near the top

The Grapevine Mtn register is still there, over to the right of Gary in the picture under some rocks

Bitter Creek Spring bathtub

Gary at the top

Cottonwood Canyon is an interesting place and worthy of a day of exploring. Purchase a day parking permit at the Butterfield store for $5 and you can park on their property and hike in.

Water Tanker wheel, spokes are made of wood

There are many old cattle troughs out in Cottonwood Cyn

Several beautiful cottonwood tree patches are in the canyon. They are very peaceful to sit under and just listen to the wind whip thru their leaves...hard to leave those cottonwood trees.
Cottonwood Trees

A couple of water tankers we found

An old stone flume in one of the drainages

This guy had an upset tummy

I spent an extra night out in the desert and camped out near the Shake VABM

View from the Shake VABM

The Shake resgister does not see a whole lot of visitors

Total Mylar Baloons this trip - 9


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