Sunday, June 26, 2011

Earthquake / Vallecito Valley - Part 2 - ABDSP

Here is Part 2 of my trip, for Part 1 look here

After a long day of kicking cactus and pulling rocks out of my boots I had a few ice cold beers and ate some late lunch. 5pm was still early in the day for summer so I hoofed it up to the Marshal South Home location. I was sorta half out of it and was taking pictures with the lens hood on and twisted sideways so forgive the black corners.

For more information about the Marshal South Home check out this documentary website:

Marshal South Documentary Website

Buy the book, it is a very interesting story, I guarantee it!

Brief History of the Marshal South Home (click to enlarge)
Marshal South Home Interpretive Sign

Looking at the rear of the home ruins from inside the house. The front of the house actually faces east, not west
Marshal South Home ruins

View of the house ruins. The bed frame is against the rear of the home
Marshal South Home ruins

This is the front door
Marshal South Home ruins

View of the cement pond and house ruins
Marshal South Home ruins. You can see the cistern with the house ruins in the background

Old sun dial, I have seen older photos that show an actual rectangular piece and not just a bolt so this may just be leftovers
Crude sundial. I have seen pictures in Desert Magazine that show a rectanglular peice instead of a bolt used to cast the shadow n the rock

Some cool rock shelters
Rock shelter in Earthquake Valley
Rock shelter in Earthquake Valley

Part 3 coming soon...

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