Sunday, June 26, 2011

Earthquake / Vallecito Valley - Part 3 - ABDSP

Here is Part 3 of my trip report.

Part 1 and 2 can be read here: Part 1 Part 2

Anza Borrego is rich with stories of people trying to navigate it's Badlands and also of people trying to make it a place to call home. One of these stories is of Olin Bailey. He built his cabin in 1906 and it had many structural features that were not found in homes built of the same era. I had a hard time finding much history about the cabin, the newly built interpretive signs seem to have quite a bit though.

Baily Cabin Clues
Bailey Cabin Clues

The actual cabin had a protective roof structure built over it in 2007 to preserve what remains. You can read more about this effort here Bailey Cabin protective structure, Borrego – 2007
Bailey Cabin with a modern protective shelter

Looking at the east facing side of the cabin
Bailey Cabin

The front door(?)
Bailey Cabin

Continuing my explorations this day in 105 degree heat proved too much for my trusty two-wheeled companion. I ended up with 2 flat tires and a broken rear sprocket that left me stranded 3 miles from the S2 highway. I was prepared of course, I always set out with at least 2 gallons of water and food.
My bicycle with a rear flat in Potrero Canyon

She was shining with pride at 9pm under an almost full moon the night before
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Some really cool things grow out in the desert, like this Coyote Melon
Coyote Melon

I found some more wreckage debris from the F8-J about an hour's hike away from the engine I found in trip report 1
F-8J Crusader Hose debris
F-8J Crusader Hose debris

Some interesting milling sites and rock shelters
I **love** to grind
Rock Shelter and Milling Site in Vallecito

Also some really big pottery sherds in the area
Some big pottery sherds

On my way home I decided to stop and check out the alien spaceships nearby
Fred finds a ride home

One of the aliens offered to take me for a ride...that was interesting...
Approaching the Desert Tower my alien driver explained about the Worm Hole

The whole alien family had to watch the gringo go by
I had to ask Fred's friends first but they said yes and let me ride in the spaceship

They wanted to take me thru the Worm Hole but I declined..I was late for supper

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