Monday, November 5, 2012

DStretch Tutorials - Batch Mode

In this DStretch tutorial I want to show you how to quickly sample hundreds of photos with different colorspace enhancements. DStretch has a very efficient Batch mode that you can send several conversion jobs to and let it run in the background. I have found the Batch mode very useful to find pictographs that would have probably gone unnoticed in a regular photo.

This may seem like an odd option to use but for people who take hundreds of photographs out in the field of rocks and boulders that do not seem to have any apparent rock art on them it provides a mechanism to quickly look thru and "uncover" rock art that would probably go missed otherwise.

To use Batch mode in DStretch you need to have an "input" and an "output" folder for DStretch to process and save photos. I usually will create a folder named "in" for the input folder and place all of the original photos in there and for the output folders I will usually create folder names that correspond to the colorspace option I process them with.

Here is what I would typically setup
Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Next, after your folders are created you need to run the Batch mode in DStretch. You access this menu in "Plugins > DStretch > DStretch Batch..." menu

DStretch will prompt you for the input and output folders and then also the colorspace options before beginning the batch conversion process.

Here are the input, output and colorspace option dialog windows. You just need to tell DStretch where to get and put the files and which colorspace options you want to use and it will do the rest automatically while you go enjoy a cocktail.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

You don't have to limit yourself to just one colorspace conversion at a time, DStretch can easily handle many Batch jobs at once. I typically will process 4-5 colorspace conversions at a time with hundreds of photos. In the main ImageJ window you can see the progress of the Batch mode in the lower left of the window. The video tutorial below will show you this while it is processing the images.

DStretch is very efficient at processing the photos and you can quickly look thru several hundred photos for the results of many different colorspace options

DStretch's Batch mode is a powerful tool if you need or want to process hundreds of photos quickly. It is one of my most used options in DStretch.

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Please do not email me and ask me for locations of rock art, I will not reply to you.

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