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DStretch Tutorials - Modifying Default Enhancements

In this DStretch tutorial I want to show you how to expand on using the default colorspace enhancement options. In the first tutorial I showed you how to get started using DStretch and use the default colorspaces to get quick and fast results. I will not go into details about what the colorspace names mean or what they are actually doing, instead I will show you some techniques to change the default values to get more refined results.

The default colorspace enhancements are the yellow colored buttons with names like YRE, LRE, LDS, LAB, etc. When you first open an image in DStretch you can select one of these default enhancements and you will get an instant result. I usually will try CRGB first and then maybe LDS or YRE. Once you find a default colorspace that makes your image look reasonably good you can go into that colorspace specific mode and change some of the specific values to get a more refined result.

Here are the default colorspace options available when you first open an image in DStretch.

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The "YXX" and "LXX" colorspace options have their own separate sub menus that allow you to adjust the individual colorspace values and that is what I will show you in this tutorial. For my example photo I will select the the "YRE" enhancement since it gives a good result with default values for this specific photo. The YRE enhancement is part of the "YXX" colorspace so I need to select the "YXX" colorspace button to get to the specific colorspace adjustment options. Here is where the "YXX" & the "LXX" specific option buttons are, you can click on the colorspace option you want to use and you do not need to select any default colorspace first, you can click the specific YXX or LXX option right after opening the image file.

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Once you have selected the specific YXX or LXX menu you will see all of the colorspace options available to select as default enhancements. You can try all of them and see which one makes your pictograph image look best. On the right you will see three color value options that will allow you to selectively change the colorspace for those individual color channels. I do not have any specific rules about which ones to change to make your image look better or worse, each image will be different and you will need to try different values to see which ones makes your image look it's best. I typically will just start clicking on the different options and see what happens.

In this image you will see the three colorspace adjustment options available. You should try and make some changes to them and see how your image changes. You can always click the reset button to start over.

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Watch this video to see how you can make changes to the default colorspace enhancements.

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