Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Breaking Down a Sunrise Photo

Sunrise over the Fish Creek Mountains

When I got home and looked at this photo on the computer I thought to myself how could the whole sky really look like that, full of deep rich orange color across the whole horizon...it can't be real, you must have Photoshop'd it. But I was there, I took the photograph, it was real. The magic comes from a 500mm zoom lens.

Here is a photo of the same sunrise with a 70mm lens
Sunrise over the fish creek Mountains

Here is a photo of the same sunrise with a 500mm lens

You can see in the photo with a 500mm lens the entire sky does seem to be filled with a deep rich orange color but in the 70mm photo you can see that really only a small portion of the sky above the mountains is filled with that wonderful color.

To achieve the panoramic sunrise photo I took 5 photographs with a 50% overlap with the 500mm lens and then stitched them together to get the final result. Zoom lenses can be fun with sunrises or sunsets.

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