Wednesday, June 12, 2013

My first attempt at Macro Photography

I think most everyone is fascinated by seeing macro photos of things up close, things you can't normally see with your regular least I know I do. There are some amazing macro photos of arthropods out there, Thomas Shanan is a great example. I wanted to see if I could capture some close up photos without spending too much money so I ordered some inexpensive extension tubes for my camera and used an old Minolta 35-70mm lens to start out with. I was impressed with what I was able to do without any special expensive macro lenses or gear. If you too are fascinated by macro photos and want to try it out but are on a budget, get some extension tubes to start with, they really do work! Some things to keep in mind if you are using these inexpensive extension tubes, they are full manual mode only. Manual focus, aperture, speed, ISO, etc, you need to set everything manually. Manual focus really should not be an issue since at these close up distances the depth of field (DOF) is so razor thin the auto focus would be difficult to use anyway.

A quick walk around my front yard found some small fruit flies, a jumping spider and some kind of very small mite looking creatures.

A small fruit fly I believe

Some flavor of the Jumping Spider
Jumping Spider

Very, very small mites
Some kind of mite

A rose the mites seem to like

A couple close up shots of one the new gold colored "silver" dollars
Gold Silver Dollar
Gold Silver Dollar

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