Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Inner Pasture - ABDSP

The next morning following my Whale Peak Hike I hiked to Inner Pasture for some exploring. There is no easy way out to Inner Pasture, you are almost guaranteed a minimum of 6 miles round trip just to get to the edge of the valley. My trip was about 14 miles total, I could have done close to 20 miles if I had left earlier but I got a late start.

You can see all of the pictures from the trip here

Inner Pasture is raw and vast, if you decide to go explore Inner Pasture be sure not to follow my actions and go with a few people if possible. The undocumented travelers in Inner Pasture is obvious and active, hiking solo out there is not recommended.
Inner Pasture is raw and vast

Cool Dragonfly

Morteros and Pottery around this rock shelter suggest it was used by Native Americans
Rock shelter used by the Native Americans. Undocumented travelers have already left much garbage here and also left graffiti on the underside of the large boulder
Morteros inside the rock shelter

There was also evidence of undocumented travelers in this shelter and others nearby.
One of many rock shelters with undocumented travelers garbage

Pottery sherds and what appeared to be a possible projectile made from stone
Lots of pottery with an interesting looking tool shaped stone
Interesting looking tool shaped stone

Lots of morteros nearby
Morteros with possible picto paint around the edges

Yoni rock carvings are always a favorite to find
Yoni rock carving

Inner Pasture was once home to cattle who grazed the open valley. You can still find evidence of them today
Steer bones left over from when feral cattle grazed the valley
Thought this looked like a scary mask
Steer skull

Here is a close up of the steer teeth just in case you wondered what they looked like
Close up of steer teeth..just in case you wondered what they looked like

Here is a close up of the horn
Close up of the steer horn just in case you wondered what it looked like

I also stumbled across a small shelter with a really funky pictograph, not really sure what it is supposed to be.
Pictograph in Inner Pasture

Here is an enhanced version with DStretch
DStretched version of pictograph

This is with my hand in front as a reference for size
Pictograph in Inner Pasture. My hand is in front of it for size reference

This the alcove wall I found it in, look in the lower right
Pictograph in Inner Pasture. This is the small alcove I found it in

Here is my mandatory scat inside of a mortero photo
More scat with bones in a mortero

Total mylar balloon count for this trip - 5

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