Sunday, October 2, 2011

Water Drops

Following up with my original Water Drop post I remembered I had some more water drop photos I could post.

Here are some water drop photos with regular and Easter themed M&M's. I created the stage for them by placing M&M's in a wine glass and then used a piece of glass from a picture frame on top of the wine glass. I then used the end of fork to place small drops of water on the picture frame glass. They needed to be really small and getting the lighting just right was time consuming. I achieved perfect lighting by moving the glass around in front of my sliding glass door.

Water Drops with Easter M&M's Water Drops with Regular M&M's Water Drops with Easter M&M's Water Drops with Easter M&M's

Here are some interesting drops on leaves after an early morning rain. I liked them because of the refraction of the landscape you see in them.

Sunshine in the rain Chollas Lake Water Drop with landscape refraction

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