Thursday, March 3, 2011

Cowles Mountain - Random Shots

Snow capped Cuyamaca Peak
I stopped off at Cowles Mountain today on the way home from work. I needed to stretch my legs out so I took a quick walk up the fire road on the backside near Boulder Lake Ave. Four days ago on Sunday it was a beautiful hike with views of the snow covered Cuyamaca mountains. Today though it was cloudy, cold and windy. By the time I reached the top the clouds started to roll in and completely cover the mountain. I got cold and the view vanished so I took a couple of pictures and started back down.

Microwave towers. Clouds rolled in right after I shot this.

No getting in here

Mission Manzanita berries...they really do look like little apples!

Sunset, this was all that was visible at the top

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