Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Indian Valley / Inner Pasture ABDSP

Desert Red Ants in Anza Borrego
Scotty "C" and I just got back from a macro tour of Indian Valley and Inner Pasture. The wildflowers are blooming in Anza Borrego right now but you need to get down on your hands and knees to see them. There is so much life at the macro level in the desert. Scott and I started at the north fork of Indian Valley and headed up to False Sombrero. This is a very short distance of about 1 mile but it took us almost 2 hours, mostly due to my constant stopping to take pictures of all the different micro flowers blooming everywhere. We continued over the ridge and down into Inner Pasture where we found a spring, illegal traffic clothing, Indian Morteros, Indian Rock Carvings and even some Indian Pictographs. I even managed to lose Scott's $300 GPS and my camera screen cover along the way.

Check out our photos from the trip here

Here is a slideshow of photos from the trip


  1. Awesome pictures Daren,
    You have definitely stepped it up a level :)
    Your macro shots are great.

    I would like to go check out those pictos, maybe on a mid-week trip in the next few weeks.


  2. Was going to ask about that sideshow.
    Is that JQuery or a Flash slideshow?

  3. Hey Bob, it is a Flash thingy from SmugMug..I am playing around with it and may replace it with just regular pictures.