Monday, March 14, 2011

Red Tail Hawk - Chollas Creek

Red Tail Hawk
I was able to finally get a picture of one of the Red Tail Hawks that has been in the canyon near my house for the last year or so. There seems to be a pair of hawks who have made the canyon one their favorite hunting areas. I have not been able to see a nest in the canyon so my guess is they may be nesting in another larger canyon nearby. The hawks seem to be very sensitive to my movements when I walk in the canyon, they will watch me closely and if I ever stop moving they will fly away. I can walk fairly close to the trees they are in but if I stop to get my camera out they fly away. They are very keen to this. Today however I was driving in my  truck and saw this hawk up in one of his favorite trees and I took a picture from the window of the truck. Even this act of stopping the truck caught his attention, I barely had time to take a picture before he looked at me and flew away.

Red Tail Hawk watching me
After he saw me stop in the truck he flew away
Goodbye Mr. Hawk....

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  1. My hawks respond the same way. Great photos!